Headrow House is a multi-use venue set across four floors in the centre of Leeds. It’s a varied space with a beer hall, restaurant and roof terrace, hosting regular arts and music events.

The identity we created was inspired by the building, mimicking the different levels by stacking the type in a square, creating a simple icon. As events are ever changing and reach out to a wide range of audiences we wanted to ensure the identity would be flexible, have longevity and be consistent across all marketing collateral.

“In the past ten years of working and collaborating with designers and studios, working with DUO has been the most creatively fulfilling experience, both in terms of output by their team and involvement from the earliest meetings to the poster they did last night. Nothing but professionalism and an interesting unique outlook and approach to design and development.”
Ashley Kollakowski
Managing Director
  • Brand Identity
  • Illustration
  • Editorial
  • Advertising
  • Print
  • Production
  • Merchandise
  • Website Art Direction